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Tools for Remembering Your “One Word”

We all need tools to remember things, whether it is a post-it note with your to-do list or a fancy app that keeps you from forgetting the important things in your day to day schedule.  The same is true for your “One Word” for the year.  In order to keep it at the forefront of your mind, you need a reminder or two.  This post shows you the reminders I have used for myself and gifts I have given to my leaders to help them remember.


For my female leaders, I asked them to tell me their favorite colors to wear and then had one particularly “crafty” (and I mean that in the best way) lady make each of them a bracelet.  One of the leaders said she wore her bracelet each. and. every. day. to remember her word, “peace”.  Notice the little beaded angel on the bracelets, this was on each bracelet and added a sense of camaraderie and unity for the female leaders.

Trust frame

The male leaders were a little harder to figure out.  What could I do for them?  This framed saying was just the thing!  I had another “crafty” lady (we do have a lot of “crafty” ladies in our church *smile*) take each man’s word and Bible verse and make a nice frame for their desk, dresser or table top.  I also asked each man what color scheme or motif they liked, i.e. hunting, fishing, stars and stripes, etc…  I thought these turned out as nicely as the bracelets and I loved seeing them displayed in the male leader’s homes.

Remember rock

One day at a fall craft show, a pottery vendor encouraged me to reach into one of her pottery bowls and pull out a “word rock”.  She explained that each word was different and hoped it would be meaningful to me.  Imagine my delight when I dug down deep into the bowl and pulled out the word “Remember” –  my “One Word” for that year. It touched me that (by God’s providence) that was the “word rock” I selected.  I placed it in my coat pocket and each time I placed my hands in my pocket I was reminded of my word.


This “One Word” journal is a simple, yet effective way to keep your “One Word” before you throughout the year.  Simply write your word and definitions on the inside cover, write your prayer of commitment on the first page and then find some verses that go along with your word to journal and meditate upon.

These ideas are proven to help yourself and the leaders you serve remember their “One Word”.  Why not choose one or two to implement into your life and the lives of those you lead?

Your Friend in Ministry,


How to Use “One Word” with Your Leaders

When I came across the “One Word” concept at the beginning of 2013, I knew it had the potential to be an excellent tool to encourage and disciple the leaders I have the pleasure to oversee.  The only problem was, I had the concept but no resources with which to implement it.  This post explains the practical steps I took to implement “One Word” with my leaders.

  1. Introduce the “One Word” concept by using this helpful handout (click on link).
  2. Encourage them to pray and wait for the Lord to show them their “One Word”.
  3. Provide accountability by asking them to fill out this form (click on link to download) where they will list their word, some statements using their word and Bible verses which relate to their “One Word”.
  4. Keep it before them by periodically asking them how God is using it in their life and by giving them something to remember their “One Word” by (future blog post will show some examples of what I have used).
  5. Allow opportunity for follow-up at the end of the year, where everyone shares the difference their “One Word” has made.

At the end of 2013, I couldn’t believe the impact “One Word” had made on leader’s lives.  I was humbled by their response and grateful the Lord led me to such a simple yet effective discipleship tool.  I encourage you to introduce “One Word”  to the leaders you serve and see what happens!

Your Friend in Ministry,




My “One Word” for 2014

On Thanksgiving day, I was given a green amaryllis plant which had not yet flowered.  Eventually it bloomed with two big, bright red flowers.  After those flowers faded another stalk shot up real tall with four more blossoms.  It brought me such joy, during the Christmas season,  to watch it bloom and blossom.

One day as I was admiring the red flowers, I sensed the Spirit whisper to me that “blossom” was to be my “One Word” for the upcoming year.  “Blossom” – what a wonderful word, so full of hope and promise!  It seemed like such a wonderful word that at first I questioned it, until I realized that 2012 was “suffering” – a year full of pain.  2013 was “remember” – a year of healing.  Is it so hard to believe that our good, gracious and faithful God would now make something beautiful and of value from my life by allowing me to “blossom”?  I think not, that is His specialty after all!  He makes beauty from ashes, Isaiah 61:3.  He makes streams in the desert, Isaiah 35:6.  He is a God who delights in doing new things, Isaiah 42:19.  He gives children to the womb of the desolate woman, Isaiah 54:1.

I am excited for 2014 and all of its ripe possibilities.  My prayer is that I will embrace this “One Word” and fully blossom into all that God has in store.

Amaryllis blossom

In my next post, I will give some suggestions on how to introduce the “One Word” concept to the leaders you serve.

Your Friend in Ministry,