How to Use “One Word” with Your Leaders

When I came across the “One Word” concept at the beginning of 2013, I knew it had the potential to be an excellent tool to encourage and disciple the leaders I have the pleasure to oversee.  The only problem was, I had the concept but no resources with which to implement it.  This post explains the practical steps I took to implement “One Word” with my leaders.

  1. Introduce the “One Word” concept by using this helpful handout (click on link).
  2. Encourage them to pray and wait for the Lord to show them their “One Word”.
  3. Provide accountability by asking them to fill out this form (click on link to download) where they will list their word, some statements using their word and Bible verses which relate to their “One Word”.
  4. Keep it before them by periodically asking them how God is using it in their life and by giving them something to remember their “One Word” by (future blog post will show some examples of what I have used).
  5. Allow opportunity for follow-up at the end of the year, where everyone shares the difference their “One Word” has made.

At the end of 2013, I couldn’t believe the impact “One Word” had made on leader’s lives.  I was humbled by their response and grateful the Lord led me to such a simple yet effective discipleship tool.  I encourage you to introduce “One Word”  to the leaders you serve and see what happens!

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