Integrating Your “One Word” into 2014

At this point, I hope you have your “One Word” for 2014.  In upcoming blog posts, I can’t wait to share my “One Word” from 2013 and this year as well.  Once you start with this discipline, it becomes an important and meaningful part of your life!

Here’s how you begin to integrate your “One Word” into your life.  Let’s begin by getting a piece of paper or opening your journal (I HIGHLY recommend journaling, but that’s a series of posts for another time –smile-).

  • Write your “One Word” at the top of the page.
  • Next, write several statements using your “One Word”.  These statements reflect how you plan to grow with your “One Word”.
  • Then, find one or more Bible verses that have your “One Word” in them or that apply to your “One Word”.
  • Finally, write a prayer of commitment to the Lord, asking Him to use your “One Word” to help you grow this year.
  • See example below:


  1. I will daily remember God’s grace to me in sending Jesus so that I can have a relationship with Him.
  2. I will pray that I can grow in grace with those around me, not treating them as they deserve, but as Christ treats me, remembering that grace is getting what you don’t deserve.
  3. I will have grace with myself when I fail, and not be so hard on myself.
  • Ephesians 2:8-9
    For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.
  • 2 Peter 3:18
    But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9
    But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Prayer of Commitment – Thank you, Father, that You are a God of grace.  You sent Jesus as a gift of grace to me, so that I can be in relationship with You.  I pray that this year I will be able to intentionally grow in the grace of Jesus.  May I remember to treat others not as they deserve, but as you treat me – with forgiveness, kindness and love.  When I mess up, may I give grace to myself, knowing that you can work mightily in my weakness.  May 2014 be a year of growth in grace in all ways.  In Jesus’ Name and for His sake, amen.

These steps take a bit of time, but they go far in allowing you to intentionally grow in your “One Word” this year.  Why not take some time and do it right now?

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One thought on “Integrating Your “One Word” into 2014

  1. Sonia

    What a beautiful site! I am still pondering my “one word” as it has not become apparent to me yet-but when God reveals it to me you will be the first person I will share it with.


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