My “One Word” for 2014

On Thanksgiving day, I was given a green amaryllis plant which had not yet flowered.  Eventually it bloomed with two big, bright red flowers.  After those flowers faded another stalk shot up real tall with four more blossoms.  It brought me such joy, during the Christmas season,  to watch it bloom and blossom.

One day as I was admiring the red flowers, I sensed the Spirit whisper to me that “blossom” was to be my “One Word” for the upcoming year.  “Blossom” – what a wonderful word, so full of hope and promise!  It seemed like such a wonderful word that at first I questioned it, until I realized that 2012 was “suffering” – a year full of pain.  2013 was “remember” – a year of healing.  Is it so hard to believe that our good, gracious and faithful God would now make something beautiful and of value from my life by allowing me to “blossom”?  I think not, that is His specialty after all!  He makes beauty from ashes, Isaiah 61:3.  He makes streams in the desert, Isaiah 35:6.  He is a God who delights in doing new things, Isaiah 42:19.  He gives children to the womb of the desolate woman, Isaiah 54:1.

I am excited for 2014 and all of its ripe possibilities.  My prayer is that I will embrace this “One Word” and fully blossom into all that God has in store.

Amaryllis blossom

In my next post, I will give some suggestions on how to introduce the “One Word” concept to the leaders you serve.

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