Day 31

I am now 31 days in to the “40 Day Prayer Challenge”.  As mentioned before, I highly recommend this book by Mark Batterson.

Draw the Circle

Through the daily readings, I have learned a lot about prayer and have grown in persevering in prayer.  For this 40 day prayer challenge, I am praying for miraculous provision as we complete our church building project.  We are on the home stretch and hope to be moved back in at the end of May.

Let me share with you some of what I have experienced through this prayer challenge:

  1. I have a renewed sense of purpose.  God is using me as an intercessor which is laying the foundation for what he is doing.  How great is that?
  2. Through prayer, God is speaking to me, giving creative ideas and solutions for some of the challenges we have faced.
  3. With my own eyes, I am seeing God’s daily provision.  Few things build faith like answered prayer that you can see with your own eyes.
  4. Since the Lord is on the move in such a mighty way, I have also experienced spiritual attack from the enemy, both in my physical body and in our finances.  The Holy Spirit has reminded me that when we take a stance to be intercessors, often we can undergo spiritual attack in the area we are praying over.  Thankfully, our enemy has already been defeated (past tense) because of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Our job is to stand firm in that victory.

My 40 days of prayer “just so happens” to end on Resurrection Sunday, I can’t wait to get to church that morning and worship and celebrate my risen Savior.  May He get the glory for all He has done, is doing and will continue to do!

Your Friend in Ministry,


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