Why Ministry is the Best Gig in the World – Reason 3, Grad Parties!

Each May, like clock-work, the graduation announcements start rolling in.  When you serve in the ministry, you get invited to a lot of graduation parties.  This was a record breaking year.  We were invited to nine parties.  Nine, count ‘em!  We were able to attend all but one.  Although, we had to divide and conquer in order to do it.  Below are pictures of our fun day!

2014 Grad gifts

Journals for all the Graduates




I’ve known this kid since  he was a lil’ guy.  He’s not so lil’ anymore!



What a great day spending time with each of these special grads.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about their plans after graduation and encouraging them.  (Plus all the great food too!)  When you serve in ministry, you’re placed in the privileged position of celebrating people’s special moments in life.

Your Friend in Ministry,


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