Are You Road Weary?

We had been in the car all day, and when I say all day, I mean ALL DAY LONG! We traveled from Boise, ID to Duck Creek, UT – 600 miles as part of our 2500 mile summer road trip. I don’t know about you, but I am not a very good long distance traveler, for a variety of reasons:

  1. For one, I can get car sick, which makes reading or other sorts of entertainment difficult. So, it’s either take Dramamine and be a drugged up fool for the whole day or play it safe and stay away from looking down at books and electronic devices.
  2. Public bathrooms (need I say more?).


Rest Area Who would “rest” at the rest stops along interstates? I say do your business and get back to the safety & cleanliness of your car ASAP, especially if there is a sign like this one on the outside of the door!


  1. I get bored and when I get bored I eat, M & M’s, licorice, chips, goldfish crackers, etc… Even when we have a cooler full of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Also, when I get bored, I think of random things to do. When I asked my husband, who was driving, if he ever had the urge to do strange things like scream really loud for no apparent reason, he gave me a strange look and said, “No”. He then asked why I would even think of doing that. I said, “Just to see people’s responses”. He got a frightened look on his face and asked me to please not do that in the car.

One of our traditions for long road trips is to get bubble gum. While I prefer grape Hubba Bubba, all we could find was original Bubble Yum, so I was resigned to blowing bubbles with that. Did you know that bubble gum loses its entire flavor in about 18 minutes?


popped bubble

By the time we had arrived at our friends’ cabin in the mountains of Utah, we were exhausted. Normally, I am an early riser, but the next morning I did not get out of bed until after 10am. When I finally did rise, our friend Kristen made the comment that we were “road weary travelers”. She then proceeded to feed us and take care of us for the next few days, allowing us to rest and recover, just in time for us to get back on the road again.

That phrase, “road-weary”, stuck with me as I began to think about life in general. Sometimes, we too, become “road-weary”. Maybe you have been on the same road for many miles, whether it may be a difficult road, a lonely road, or even a road that is boring. If you are “road-weary”, consider the following suggestions:

  • Take care of yourself. Figure out what fills your tank and what drains it. When you are already at the point of weariness, it takes a lot longer to fill back up. Give yourself time to get filled, but be intentional to make self-care a priority.
  • Surround yourself with others who can help take care of you. Who are the people who will pray for you and encourage you, lightening your load? Do they know that you are “road-weary”? It is your responsibility to let those close to you how you are doing and how they can help you.
  • Press deeper into Jesus than ever before. Remember His invitation from Matthew 11:28 . . .

Matthew 11 28

You may still have many miles on the road ahead of you, but in your soul you can be at rest. That’s a promise straight from Jesus!

And if worse comes to worse, get yourself a pack of grape Hubba Bubba; or scream at the top of your lungs just to see how people respond.

Your Friend in Ministry,


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