Sunrise . . . Son rise, Part 1

This past Sunday was a day I will remember for a long time. It was a culmination of sorts, yet it was also a new beginning at the same time. Just like the sunrise signifies the end of a long night and announces a fresh day, Sunday brought closure to the past nine years and possibility to the next nine.

You may be wondering what the big deal is. What was so special about Sunday? In order to understand, let me take you back ten years. My husband and I were happily serving at a large church, him as an associate pastor, me as a children’s pastor. We had a five year old and two year old and life was good.

Then it happened. Unbeknownst to either of us, the Holy Spirit began to speak to both of us. It was time to move into what we knew we were ultimately called to . . . senior pastors. Over the next many months we began the process of figuring out our next assignment. We prayed. We sent out resumes. We met with leaders of our denomination. We had phone interviews. We traveled to visit churches that needed a pastor. We waited. All the while, we did our best to be faithful in the positions God had given us.

Finally, we traveled to a small town in Eastern Washington in order to interview and meet the people who had been without a pastor for many months. As my husband and I pulled up in our rental car to the little building with the gravel parking lot, I almost cried. Not so much because of the physical surroundings, but because of the story that accompanied it. It was a hurting, broken church. How were we as first-time senior pastors going to bring healing and hope to this place?

Sitting there in the car with my husband, I halfway wished that God would say, “Just kidding”. But as the weekend wore on, an amazing thing happened. By the time we got on the plane to head back “home”, I realized I was actually leaving my “new home”. A few short weeks later, we packed up our family and moved to Cheney, WA.

To be continued . . .

Your Friend in Ministry,



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