1 Day Until Christmas . . . And Wonders of His Love

It is dark and quiet in my house as I sit and write this. I am relishing these moments when my house is still, my husband and children not yet stirring. It gives me time to prepare my Spirit for the hustle and bustle of the next 48 hours as I prepare special food, greet the many people who will attend our Christmas Eve services, and participate in memory-making traditions in my home.

But for now, I get to sit and ponder upon the “wonders of His love”. . .

One of the definitions of “wonder” is “something that is surprising or very hard to believe”. Yes, I think that describes the love of God. The fact that the Creator and Sustainer of the universe desired me so much that He sent His Only Son to this world in order to lay the whole of my sin upon Him as He died a brutal death is indeed something very surprising and hard to believe indeed.

In fact, as long as I live, I don’t think I will ever get over the love that God showed to me personally. You see, there is nothing especially loveable about me. Yet, God loves me just because He loves me.

And, God loves you just because He loves you. Is that surprising or hard to believe for you too?

It may be, but believing is what Christmas is all about. And it’s what separates you and me from those who do not believe.

A popular department store has used the word “Believe” as their Christmas slogan for the past couple years. I assume they are encouraging everyone to “believe” in the magic of Christmas. Yet, there would be no “magic of Christmas” without the love of God, because there would be no Christmas to “believe” in.

Let’s put a different spin on it. I have a challenge for you. For the next 48 hours, I challenge you to believe in God’s love for you personally, individually and specifically. Yes, we know that God “so loved the world” that He gave us His Son. However, I “believe” that today you need to hear that God so loved you, and you alone, that He gave His Son.

You were worth Heaven’s loss. You were valuable enough to be inconvenienced for. You were valuable enough for the Sinless and Blameless One to lay down His life for. You were the one God had in mind when He “gave His Son”.

Will you let that truth sink in and will you ponder upon that these next 48 hours?

As you sing Christmas carols, will you wonder at His love?

As you open gifts, will you wonder at His love?

As you spend time with loved ones, will you wonder at His love?

As you say or do the wrong things, will you wonder at His love?

As those around you (intentionally or unintentionally) hurt your feelings, will you wonder at His love?

Yes, it’s very surprising and hard to believe, but true. The wonder of His love is that He chose to love you.

Wondering at His love with you.  Your Friend in Ministry,


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