Spiritual Challenge 2015, Part 3

Hi friends! We have been talking about challenging ourselves spiritually this year. In my last post, I shared three ideas for your consideration. Today, I am sharing three more:

Find a Prayer Partner

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. Ecclesiastes 4:9, NIV

What is a prayer partner? It is someone who regularly prays for you and with you. Amazing things happen when you join with a sister in Christ and agree in prayer. A prayer partner helps lighten your prayer load and rejoices with you when your prayers are answered!

How to get a prayer partner:

  • Pray first – ask the Lord who He wants you to pray with.
  • Ask someone – a family member, a co-worker, a neighbor, or friend from church.
  • If they say no – don’t get discouraged, ask someone else.

How to pray together:

  • Exchange contact information
  • Ask each other, “How can I pray for you?”
  • Pray with each other in person or over the phone at least weekly.
  • Pray for each other daily.

Praying with a prayer partner on a regular basis can change your life. Not only will you grow in your relationship with Jesus, but you will grow in relationship with your prayer partner.

Scripture Memory

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11, NIV

Once you are disciplined to read the Bible on a regular basis, the next step is to begin internalizing God’s Word through memorizing it. There are many benefits of Scripture

memorization. The one I have found most helpful is the ability to recall and recite promises and words of comfort to myself and others who need it without even having a Bible nearby. Now, I won’t try to sugar-coat it, Scripture memorization is hard work! But the benefits far outweigh the work.

Every other year, Beth Moore’s ministry (Living Proof Ministries) provides an opportunity for women to join together and     memorize two verses a month. That’s 24 verses in one year! The beauty of it is that rather than everyone memorizing the same verse, you memorize verses that are meaningful to you. This is the third year I have done this and there has been much growth in my life from this “spiritual challenge”. This year I have also   invited others to join me. It’s helpful and fun to have a friend (or daughter- see picture below) to join you.

Scripture Memory

If you are interested in this “challenge” type the following links into your web browser and get started!

blog.lproof.org/2014/12/siesta-scripture-memory-team-2015-instructions-and-spiral-information.html …

blog.lproof.org/2015/01/siesta-scripture-memory-team-2015-verse-1.html …

Intentional Prayer

But I cry to you for help, Lord; in the morning my prayer comes before you. Psalm 88:13, NIV

Any time we talk to God, He listens. He delights in both hearing and answering our prayers. The bullet prayers that are shot up to heaven in a time of need are no less precious to God than the prayers that are offered in a daily quiet time. Yet, have you ever desired to have your prayers be more intentional rather than “in case of emergency” only?

Let me share with you one way to begin an intentional prayer time.

Intentional Prayer 1

You’ll notice in the picture above, there is an open Bible on the right and a journal on the left. In the open Bible, there are portions of verses that are underlined. As I was reading the Bible, these verses were meaningful to me as it made me think of   something in my life or other’s lives. Therefore, I took the words from the Bible and wrote them out as an intentional prayer.

Here a couple more examples:

Intentional Prayer 2

Intentional Prayer 3

The wonderful thing about Scripture prayers is that we know they are God’s will, and when we pray according to His will, our prayers will be answered. Additionally, when we write out our prayers, we can re-visit them from time to time both to continue to pray them and to see how God has been working.

There you have it! Three more suggestions of ways you can challenge yourself to grow spiritually in 2015. In my next post, I will share one more suggestions with you and give some parting words of encouragement. Until then, remember our verse from 1st Timothy 4:7-8: “Spend your time and energy in the exercise of keeping spiritually fit. Bodily exercise is all right but spiritual exercise is much more important. . .because that will help you not only now in this life, but in the next life too.”

Keeping “spiritually fit” with you. . . Your Friend in Ministry,


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