Holy Week, 2015

Hello friends! This is a most special time of the year, for us as believers, as we remember and reflect upon Jesus and His sacrifice. This week, I will be reading portions of Scripture leading up to the death and resurrection of Christ and I invite you to join me. See the reading plan below:

Mon 3/30: Luke 22:39-62

Tues 3/31: Luke 22:63-71

Wed 4/1: Luke 23:11-25

Thur 4/2: Mark 15:1-14

Fri 4/3: John 19:1-37

Sat 4/4: John 19:38-42

Sun 4/5: John 20, Acts 1:9

I will also be blogging some of my thoughts about the verses throughout the week as well.

Let’s start with today’s reading: Luke 22:39-62 . . .

Jesus was equally both God and man. In this portion of Scripture, we get a glimpse of His omniscience as He knows what is about to take place in His life, yet, we also see His human frailty as He sweats drops of blood and begs His Father to “remove this cup from me.” (vs. 42)

Of course we know that, because of His great love for you and me, God was not going to let Jesus get out of the brutal death and excruciating pain of having God the Father turn away from Him as He took upon the sin of every human being both past, present and yet unborn. That’s a lot of sin. Our only response can be, “Thank You, God, for loving us so much that You subjected Your Only Son to such torture”.

I believe that Jesus’ prayer in verse 42, sets a precedence for open and honest communication with God. Jesus shows us that it’s acceptable to ask God to remove something difficult from your life as long as you are surrendered to His ultimate will and purpose for your life. We all face things in life we wish would just go away: heartache, illness, broken relationships, financial struggles, etc . . . Just like Jesus, we can ask God to “remove this cup from me”, as long as we follow that request with, “yet not my will, but Yours be done”.

Since it was not God’s will to “remove this cup”, let’s not miss the significance of the very next verse, “And there appeared to Him an angel from heaven, strengthening Him in spirit.” (vs. 43) If God doesn’t remove the difficulty in your life, you better believe He will send you all the help and strength you need to do what He’s called you to do, just like He did for Jesus.

Therefore, our response can be just like Jesus’ in verse 44, “He prayed all the more earnestly and intently”. If you find yourself in agony over current life circumstances, press into the Lord like never before. He has all you need to get you through! Just like He did with Jesus, He is doing something amazing in your life and it will turn out for your eventual good and His eternal glory!

Your Friend in Ministry,



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