Passing Things of Value on to Those Who Need it

Yesterday morning I was making lasagna for a special meal last night. My daughter mustered up the courage to try out for a solo for last night’s choir performance. The fact that she even tried is a huge deal! The fact that she got the part is icing on the cake. (In our family, it’s more about attitude and effort than achievement.) So last night we had a special family dinner before we attended the choir concert in support of our little soloist.

So yesterday, as I was cleaning up the kitchen, my thoughts were on the lasagna. I found the recipe on “” and the name of the recipe was “World’s Best Lasagna”. I was hoping it lived up to its title. Part of my love/hate relationship with cooking is that when I put a lot of effort into my cooking, I have visions of grandeur. You know the kind . . . your family in sheer delight while eating your food. Endless compliments about how great it is, etc . . . However, the reality is, usually only my husband makes positive comments about what I make. The kids try to gag it down (we are also a family of VERY simply tastes) and I think of how it could have been better. Anyhow, back to the lasagna, I did the dishes and cleaned around the computer where I found this “World’s Best Lasagna” recipe. I thought, why should I keep all my cookbooks when I can access any recipe I could ever possibly need through the internet? As soon as I had that thought, my mind immediately went to this cookbook right here.

Betty Crocker Cook book

And in that instant I knew, I could never part with that cookbook, or any other for that matter. Now, you may be wondering why this particular cookbook is so special to me. It was given to me as a special gift shortly after I was married. I was working at the Bible College I had just graduated from. One of my big bosses was a woman who seemed pretty old at the time, but in retrospect, she was probably just in her fifties (*smile*). She and I had a good working relationship, but I wasn’t very close to her. One day, on my desk, I found this cookbook with a note attached in her beautiful handwriting. I don’t remember exactly what the note said, but it said something about how it had been hers but she decided I could get better use out of it than she would. You see, this particular professor had never been married so she had neither husband nor family to cook for. Somehow, I instinctively knew that in passing this cookbook on to me, she was letting go of what could have been for her and passing on something of great value to me.

Now, I have to admit, I only use this cookbook for one thing, but I pull it out each and every time I need to hard boil eggs.


And I think of this dear lady, every time I do.

Now that I’m a leader, part of my job is to pass things of value on to those who need it, just like she did for me:

  • Truths from the Bible that I have found
  • Belief in and for those who are serving with me
  • Insight into working with people
  • Tips about balancing life and ministry
  • Helpful books that I have read
  • Things that I have learned the hard way
  • An encouraging word
  • Time to listen and be a friend
  • Hugs and winks and smiles

What is something of value that you can pass on to someone who needs it today? I encourage you to make a difference. What may seem insignificant to you will have lasting value and impact for someone else. Just like the cookbook did for me!

Your Friend in Ministry,


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