The ADVENTure of Christmas 11/29/15

What? It’s time to start planning for Christmas again? Already?

Doesn’t it seem like Christmas comes just a little earlier each year? As soon as the Halloween costumes and candy are cleared out, it begins to “look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go” and even though “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” many of us struggle, even just a bit, with the stress, activity, and expectation the last two months of the year bring with them.

How did God sending His Son to be Emmanuel, God with us, turn into all this craziness?

I don’t believe that was His plan. That’s why I wrote this devotional guide. Using the advent themes of hope, preparation, joy and love, these daily readings are designed to speak directly to your heart. As you take a few moments to quiet your soul each day, I hope you will join me on the journey of reclaiming the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.

In addition, Elsa Martin, our Faith Kids Director at Cheney Faith Center, has included daily questions/activities at the bottom of each reading for families to do together. It is our desire to train our children to be disciples of Christ and we recognize that starts, first and foremost, in the home. Perhaps you will take some time around the dinner table to answer these questions and do these activities?

My prayer is that this simple offering from my heart to yours will make a difference in your life this Christmas.

With Jesus’ great love, Kate Posthuma


Sunday, November 29, 2015

The word “adventure” is everywhere you look these days. I’ve especially noticed it on the social media of young people . . .

Nov 29

Yet, it seems older people have found that adulthood is as much adventure as they can handle (*smile*).

What is it about our souls that crave a bit of adventure and what exactly is adventure?

There are many definitions of adventure, but let’s consider two:

1) an action involving unknown risks or dangers;

2) an exciting or remarkable experience.[1]

Deep down, I think our souls crave something more than the drab day to day monotony of life. And adventure, especially if there is a bit of risk involved, makes life exciting!

This Christmas season, I invite you to join me on an ADVENTure as you prepare your heart for Christ’s birth. He is the Hero. You are His sidekick, as you work together to find the missing artifacts of hope, joy, and love. Certainly, we will see that there is a villain, and there may even be some risk involved!

Are you ready? Then, let the ADVENTure begin!

Today’s Family ADVENTure!

Family activity: Build an advent wreath to accompany us on this adventure. Be creative, it doesn’t have to be a wreath, or even round. All you need are 4 candles and some festive decorations. See fun examples of a traditional wreath here and a non-traditional wreath here.

Dinner Discussion: Tell of one of your favorite adventures, big or small, and share what you love most about it.


[1] Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

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