Kate’s Story

There once was a little girl who loved to “preach” into the handle of her mom’s Kirby vacuum.  On another occasion, she led her littlest sister to Christ while playing “Tuesday morning Bible study”.  It is only natural, then, that she grew up to devote her life to ministry.

Kate Posthuma has served the Lord for the past 19 years as a servant-leader in a variety of roles including children’s pastor, associate pastor, women’s ministry director, small group leader coach, women’s pastor and pastor’s wife.  However, for many of those years she struggled with her identity as a female leader.  She didn’t have many role models to look to, and had to learn things (often times the hard way) about what it meant to be a healthy woman in leadership ministry.

During an extended illness that lasted many months in 2012, God used that time of solitude and reflection to help Kate discover that she is most passionate about teaching God’s Word and training and encouraging leaders, especially women, helping them to grow into all God has called them to be.  Kate is a gifted communicator, has a delightful presence and speaks with confidence in the truth of God’s Word.  She easily connects with people of all ages and walks of life.

After Jesus, Kate’s biggest joy in life is her family.  She and her husband Mark have been married for 20 years.  She is grateful “to do life” with him as they pastor and raise their family.


Ali Joy is 17 and Kate enjoys the time they get to spend together doing “girl things”.  Tim is 13 and Kate is happy to listen to him share his many thoughts about most anything.



In her spare time, Kate enjoys drinking herbal tea, spending time with girlfriends, cooking for her family from the “Pioneer Woman” cookbook and reading.

Every woman in ministry leadership needs friends.  Through her blog, Kate offers women in ministry encouragement, practical advice, friendship and hope.



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