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How to Use “One Word” with Your Leaders

When I came across the “One Word” concept at the beginning of 2013, I knew it had the potential to be an excellent tool to encourage and disciple the leaders I have the pleasure to oversee.  The only problem was, I had the concept but no resources with which to implement it.  This post explains the practical steps I took to implement “One Word” with my leaders.

  1. Introduce the “One Word” concept by using this helpful handout (click on link).
  2. Encourage them to pray and wait for the Lord to show them their “One Word”.
  3. Provide accountability by asking them to fill out this form (click on link to download) where they will list their word, some statements using their word and Bible verses which relate to their “One Word”.
  4. Keep it before them by periodically asking them how God is using it in their life and by giving them something to remember their “One Word” by (future blog post will show some examples of what I have used).
  5. Allow opportunity for follow-up at the end of the year, where everyone shares the difference their “One Word” has made.

At the end of 2013, I couldn’t believe the impact “One Word” had made on leader’s lives.  I was humbled by their response and grateful the Lord led me to such a simple yet effective discipleship tool.  I encourage you to introduce “One Word”  to the leaders you serve and see what happens!

Your Friend in Ministry,




My “One Word” for 2014

On Thanksgiving day, I was given a green amaryllis plant which had not yet flowered.  Eventually it bloomed with two big, bright red flowers.  After those flowers faded another stalk shot up real tall with four more blossoms.  It brought me such joy, during the Christmas season,  to watch it bloom and blossom.

One day as I was admiring the red flowers, I sensed the Spirit whisper to me that “blossom” was to be my “One Word” for the upcoming year.  “Blossom” – what a wonderful word, so full of hope and promise!  It seemed like such a wonderful word that at first I questioned it, until I realized that 2012 was “suffering” – a year full of pain.  2013 was “remember” – a year of healing.  Is it so hard to believe that our good, gracious and faithful God would now make something beautiful and of value from my life by allowing me to “blossom”?  I think not, that is His specialty after all!  He makes beauty from ashes, Isaiah 61:3.  He makes streams in the desert, Isaiah 35:6.  He is a God who delights in doing new things, Isaiah 42:19.  He gives children to the womb of the desolate woman, Isaiah 54:1.

I am excited for 2014 and all of its ripe possibilities.  My prayer is that I will embrace this “One Word” and fully blossom into all that God has in store.

Amaryllis blossom

In my next post, I will give some suggestions on how to introduce the “One Word” concept to the leaders you serve.

Your Friend in Ministry,


My “One Word” from 2012 and 2013

I did not know about “One Word” until January, 2013.  However, if I had to choose “One Word” for 2012, it would be suffering!  For most of the year I struggled with a debilitating pain on the left side of my head.  This suffering left me side-lined from my normal life and ministry for many months.

No one wants suffering to be their “One Word” for the year, but as the pain began, I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to me, “I am going to allow you a season of suffering…”  How do you respond to something like that . . . “Um, thank you, but I rather not?” *smile*

2012 was the most difficult year I have ever experienced on many different levels.  It was a year of sufferingSuffering physically, suffering mentally & emotionally, suffering relationally, and yes, even suffering spiritually.  The good news is that God is faithful, especially in the midst of great suffering!!  He got me through that year and did such a deep work in me that I still (to this day) have a hard time articulating it.  All I can say is that He changed me through my suffering.

As that season of my life came to a close in the late fall of 2012, I wanted to forget it.  However, in January, 2013, I came across the “One Word” concept.  As I began prayerfully considering what my “One Word” should be, imagine my surprise (and reluctance) when I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking the word “Remember” to my heart and soul.  Remember, really??  Why would I want to remember that painful year?  Yet that was the word He confirmed to me.

I reluctantly got on board with remember.  As I did, I realized that all too often we want to forget the difficult things we go through, but when we do we also forget:

  1. How God showed up
  2. The specific things He did
  3. The ways He changed us

Then we fall back into old patterns and ways of life in an effort to “get back to normal”.  Yet, when He brings us through something difficult and painful why would we want all that hard work to be wasted by going back to the normalcy of our old life?

These were the specific things God wanted me to remember from what I went through in 2012:

  • Remember how God got me through 2012
  • Remember His faithfulness no matter happens in 2013
  • Remember my priorities – God, my husband, my kids, then other relationships & ministry
  • Remember to remain humbly dependent upon God when I’m well and have strength of my own
  • Remember I am deeply loved and valuable enough to be inconvenienced for
  • Remember God has a good plan for my life, He used that season of suffering to birth something new in me – this website/blog is the fruit of that
  • Remember how my family & friends stood by me, praying, encouraging, helping me the many months I was sick

My Scripture for the year was Deuteronomy chapter eight.  Verses 2-3 were especially meaningful, Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the wilderness these forty years, to humble and test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands. He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither you nor your ancestors had known, to teach you that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.

I spent 2013 remembering.  As I did, it brought closure and value to the year of suffering in 2012.  If I hadn’t spent the year remembering I wouldn’t have been ready for the “One Word” God has for me in 2014.  I will be sharing that in a post to come!

Your Friend in Ministry,