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The ADVENTure of Christmas 12/6/16

Although the word “adventure” conjures up images of a spur of the moment escapade with little or no advanced preparation, in order for an adventure to be truly successful, there needs to be some planning and preparation involved. For example, if you choose to take a cross country road trip, you will plan your course and make sure that your vehicle is in good working order. You will also prepare how far you will travel each day, ensuring that there is a place for you to rest your road-weary head at the end of each day’s travel. You will pack your duffel bag with appropriate shoes and clothing, and you will make sure that the responsibilities you are leaving behind are cared for well.

Dec 6

You don’t get very far on an adventure without adequate preparation and planning.

I find it interesting that the second candle of advent is the “Candle of Preparation,” signifying the importance of preparing for Christ’s coming. The definition of prepare is “to get ready, to put things or oneself in readiness.”[1] This week we will focus on putting ourselves in readiness by preparing our hearts and attitudes for the ADVENTure of Christmas. We will do this by reading various Scriptures and exploring some practical thoughts about quieting our souls and preparing for this special time of year.

We prepare so we can be ready.

Just like you prepare your home for the arrival of special guests, we prepare our hearts for the arrival of Jesus.

Do you want to be ready for the ADVENTure of Christmas? Then join me in making this your prayer each day this week, “Help me be ready to welcome you, O God.”

Today’s Family ADVENTure!

Family Activity: Take your own adventure – but don’t forget to prepare! Grab some bottled water, granola bars, and your winter coat and head out to Turnbull Wildlife Refuge. Keep your eye out for animal tracks and an ear out for songbirds as you stroll through God’s beautiful creation.

Dinner Discussion: Set an extra place setting for Jesus at dinner tonight. Discuss what it would be like to have dinner with Jesus. What would you say to Him if he were sitting with you tonight?

Your Friend in Ministry,



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