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Photo Credit

photo credit

One of the things I have enjoyed about having teenagers is interacting with them via social media. It is fun to see them tagged in photos and the comments they make on friends timelines, etc. . . No, I am not a stalker, just a well-informed Mama (*smile*).

Plus, you learn a few things by stalking following your kids on social media. Several months ago, I noticed the initials PC: with someone’s name following it. I asked my daughter what it meant and she replied, “Duh, Mom, that means ‘photo credit’. It’s the person who took the picture.” Although, I’m not totally sure she said “Duh”, I AM SURE the “Duh” was implied.

Recently, I was looking at a picture in which my daughter was tagged. In the comments below the picture, the person who had taken the picture commented, “PC: @soandso”. It seemed apparent that this person was somewhat offended that credit wasn’t given for the great picture that was taken.

TBH, (to be honest – another thing I have learned from stalking following my kids on social media) I thought it was a little presumptuous to insist on taking photo credit for simply taking a snapshot of the photogenic group captured in the picture. Almost as instantly as I had that thought, I sensed the Holy Spirit asking me, “Kate, how many times do YOU insist on taking ‘photo credit’ for things I have done?”

  • Like the good ideas I give you, or
  • The work I do through you, or
  • The love that I put in your heart for others, or
  • The thoughts I give you to illustrate a Biblical concept, making it easier to understand, or
  • The list could go on and on . . . .

Ouch! That stung! Yet, I knew the Spirit was right. I struggle with wanting credit for simply being the instrument God has used. How about you? When I insist on “photo credit”, I take the focus off of where it should be, Jesus, and put it on myself – someone He used to simply capture a snapshot of how He has been working. I am wise to remember that I can no more take credit for the beautiful picture of how God is working, than that young person can take credit for the beautiful picture of my daughter and her friends. I just happen to be the one standing around who said, “Yes” to taking a picture.

Help me remember, Lord, that even though You use me, You are the One doing the work. May I be willing to refrain from taking credit for anything You do. You can do amazing things in and through those who don’t care who gets the credit. May I be just such a person! In Jesus’ Name and for His Sake, Amen

Your Friend in Ministry,


He Bought Me Back

One of my dear friends, who lives in another town, recently had her house broken into.  In broad daylight, smack dab in the middle of the day, they walked right in and helped themselves to her things.  Most of what they took were both valuable and sentimental . . . jewelry that was anniversary gifts from her husband, her grandmother’s black hills gold cross, an opal necklace; on and on the list goes.  When I spoke with her on the phone, she mentioned that many people had suggested checking the local pawn shops to see if her items had ended up there.

As we ended our conversation, I prayed with her that she would be able to find her valuables which had more sentimental value than anything else.  When I prayed that she would be able to buy her valuables back, the Holy Spirit reminded me of God and how He bought me back.  My heart was tendered and tears filled my eyes as I changed the direction of my prayer, thanking Jesus for paying the price to buy us back.

That’s what today, Good Friday, is all about.  When God created humans, we belonged to Him.  We were His and His alone.  Then that sneaky serpent deceived us.  Just like that burglar, He came in broad daylight and took what belonged to God, by convincing Eve to disobey.  When she did, sin stole us, each and every one, away from God.  That burglar may have thought he had gotten away with it, but, when God found him, this is what He said.  “So the Lord God said to the serpent, ‘Because you have done this, Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals!  You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.  And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel’.”  Genesis 3:14-15

No such luck, you sneaky serpent!  Even in the middle of humankind’s greatest travesty, God had a plan.  He wouldn’t let his valuables (you and me) be taken forever.  He would buy us back.  But how?  With what would He pay the price?  There was only one option.  Only One could pay the price and not be found lacking, the Son of God and the Son of Man, Jesus.  That’s why Good Friday is so good.  God bought us back.  The invaluable blood of Jesus paid the price.  Now God is looking in the pawn shops of life – in dysfunction, in strip clubs, in disease, in bondage, in broken homes, and, yes, even in churches; to buy us back to Him.

Don’t you just love Him?  Aren’t you grateful for His grace – the undeserved acceptance and love you’ve received?

As you celebrate this most special weekend, make sure to take some time to thank the Lord for buying you back.  Maybe you would even re-commit yourself to the ministry He has given you.  Because He bought you back, with whom can you find to share this Good News?  There are many more valuables out there that need to know they don’t have to stay in the pawn shop. God has bought them back too.

Happy Easter Weekend!

Your Friend in Ministry,



On Sacrifice

Happy Monday of Holy Week!  As I have been preparing my heart for this most special and sacred season, sacrifice is the one word that keeps coming to my spirit over and over again.  I have always known that Jesus sacrificed His very life when He died on the cross, however I have never felt the weight of it as I have this particular year.

Maybe because normally it has been relatively easy for me to sacrifice as I serve the Lord.  I won’t go so far as to say that sacrifice of my service is easy, but I also don’t remember a time that it has been as hard as it is right now.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, our church is on the home stretch of a large building project.  As the project continues to go on and on, I have come to realize how much of a sacrifice our family has made to build this new church building – sacrifice in family time, boundaries, working harder than ever & personal finances as we give to the building campaign, etc…  This season of sacrifice has been more than I am used to making.  It has neither been easy nor fun.  It’s a lot easier to sing songs about sacrifice on a Sunday morning than it is to daily walk it out for many months.

I guess that’s why the word “sacrifice” is so meaningful to me right now.  So much so that I looked it up in the dictionary to find out its meaning.  Sacrifice – giving up of something valued: a giving up of something valuable or important for somebody or something else considered to be of more value or importance. 

When you think of God giving up His valuable and important Son because He considered you and me to be of more value and importance, it’s mind-blowing, isn’t it?  What amazing love!  The cross of Christ was motivated by God’s love for us.  In fact, sacrifice is always motivated by love.  If I truly love Jesus, I will be motivated to give up what I value and deem important – my time, finances, agenda, schedule, etc… because I consider Jesus to be of more value and importance than my own wants, desires or even needs.

Sacrifice is always motivated by love.  As I have been in a season where sacrifice is hard and I have becoming tired and weary from it, I have but one way to remedy it.  Ask God for a greater degree of love for Jesus.  That’s exactly what I have been doing – praying for a deeper love for Jesus, so that I can continue to sacrifice with a heart of love, not resentment.  Any sacrifice I make is for Him (and He is so worthy of it) just like He sacrificed His all for me.

As we remember Jesus’ sacrifice, may it motivate us to continue to sacrifice our wants, desires, even our needs out of a heart of love for Christ.  Even though it may seem like we are in a season where our life is Friday (the painful, dark day that Jesus’ died) Sunday is on the way – full of resurrection power!

Your Friend in Ministry,