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10 Years in Cheney!

Ten years ago this week, my husband backed a big moving truck into our driveway and my then six year old daughter and three year old son climbed up into it before our friends began filling it up with boxes that contained our life over the past six years.

Moving truck 2005

Although we were assured of God’s plan to move to a new place to pastor a hurting little church, we were very sad to leave the people God had called us to serve.

KCC 2005

In looking at this picture, I teased my husband that he looked so young, but that I looked about the same (*smile*)!

Here is a recent family picture, and as you can see, we have ALL matured and don’t look as young as we did 10 years ago!

Easter 2015

On April 13th 2005, that big moving truck pulled into our new driveway and people we didn’t know began unloading and unpacking the same boxes that the dear people we loved and trusted had packed just a couple days before. Could we ever grow to accept, love and trust these new people like we loved those we just said goodbye to? The jury was still out, but we were willing to give it a try.

As the boxes got unpacked and we began to get settled, it became clear to us that God was indeed calling us to love the handful of families that had just walked through several months of difficulties.

In fact, on our first Sunday as my husband was closing the service, he said these words, “Always remember that Jesus loves you very much. So do Kate and I. Have a great week. We’ll see you next Sunday.” Little did we know that phrase would stick and he has been saying it now each Sunday for 10 years in a row.

I am happy to report that YES! God has grown a deep love in our heart both for the people of our church and the people of our town. My husband and I have learned and grown as leaders and over the next few blog posts, I will be sharing some of the things I have learned these past 10 years.

At times, it has been a wild ride . . . so, just for fun, let me leave you with this fun link of a couple little girls who took a wild ride themselves and lived to tell about it!

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