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Let the Challenge Begin . . .

This past summer, I read a simple little book that changed me.  The Circle Maker, (click here to check it out) by Mark Batterson, encouraged me to seek the Lord for His plans and purposes and then get serious about praying them.  This practice has had significant impact upon my prayers for my family.

Draw the Circle

I recently heard about Draw the Circle, (click here) the follow-up to The Circle Maker.  It came in the mail this Wednesday, 3/12.  I began to read it that very night.  The introduction laid out a plan for a 40 day prayer challenge by answering the following questions:

  • Who should I do the prayer challenge with?  Your small group, friends, family, don’t do it alone.
  • What should I circle?  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what to pray about.  He will show you what to concentrate your prayers upon for this next season.  As you seek Him for what to pray about, also seek Him about what Scripture He wants you to “circle”.  This verse/s becomes the basis for your prayers.
  • When should I take the challenge?  The most important thing is not when you do it, but that you start a specific start or end date.  This keeps you focused and on task.
  • Where should I pray?  Determine this by setting a regular time and place to pray each day.  At the beginning of your day, during your quiet time, would be a great place to add this prayer time.

Care to join me on this prayer challenge?  You don’t need the book (although I recommend it as each day gives a daily devotional with testimonies and encouragement).  All you need is a desire to pray for whatever the Lord lays on your heart, the ability to find a Scripture to pray, and the discipline to do it for 40 days.

I sensed the Holy Spirit leading me to “circle” our church’s building project.  I have been in prayer about it all along.  However, now that we are on the home stretch, I have a sense of urgency to pray more fervently and specifically.

I started this challenge on 3/12.  I counted 40 days and my challenge will end on 4/20 – Easter.  What a wonderful day to end a prayer challenge, by putting my hope in our risen Savior.  According to Ephesians 1:19-20, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is alive and living in you and me!  If that doesn’t fuel our prayers, I don’t know what will -smile-!

I will be reading the daily devotional and praying in the wee hours of the morning, which will fit nicely into my normal daily routine.

Over the next 40 days, I look forward to sharing how the Lord works through this prayer challenge and I would LOVE to hear if you will join me and what you will be praying about.  You can leave a comment by clicking on “Leave a reply” under the title of this blog post.

Your Friend in Ministry,