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Photo Credit

photo credit

One of the things I have enjoyed about having teenagers is interacting with them via social media. It is fun to see them tagged in photos and the comments they make on friends timelines, etc. . . No, I am not a stalker, just a well-informed Mama (*smile*).

Plus, you learn a few things by stalking following your kids on social media. Several months ago, I noticed the initials PC: with someone’s name following it. I asked my daughter what it meant and she replied, “Duh, Mom, that means ‘photo credit’. It’s the person who took the picture.” Although, I’m not totally sure she said “Duh”, I AM SURE the “Duh” was implied.

Recently, I was looking at a picture in which my daughter was tagged. In the comments below the picture, the person who had taken the picture commented, “PC: @soandso”. It seemed apparent that this person was somewhat offended that credit wasn’t given for the great picture that was taken.

TBH, (to be honest – another thing I have learned from stalking following my kids on social media) I thought it was a little presumptuous to insist on taking photo credit for simply taking a snapshot of the photogenic group captured in the picture. Almost as instantly as I had that thought, I sensed the Holy Spirit asking me, “Kate, how many times do YOU insist on taking ‘photo credit’ for things I have done?”

  • Like the good ideas I give you, or
  • The work I do through you, or
  • The love that I put in your heart for others, or
  • The thoughts I give you to illustrate a Biblical concept, making it easier to understand, or
  • The list could go on and on . . . .

Ouch! That stung! Yet, I knew the Spirit was right. I struggle with wanting credit for simply being the instrument God has used. How about you? When I insist on “photo credit”, I take the focus off of where it should be, Jesus, and put it on myself – someone He used to simply capture a snapshot of how He has been working. I am wise to remember that I can no more take credit for the beautiful picture of how God is working, than that young person can take credit for the beautiful picture of my daughter and her friends. I just happen to be the one standing around who said, “Yes” to taking a picture.

Help me remember, Lord, that even though You use me, You are the One doing the work. May I be willing to refrain from taking credit for anything You do. You can do amazing things in and through those who don’t care who gets the credit. May I be just such a person! In Jesus’ Name and for His Sake, Amen

Your Friend in Ministry,