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Get Some Prayer Support

On Being a Pastor’s Wife

This is post number four on the five most important things I can share with a new pastor’s wife.  (To read all of the posts, go to the “On Being a Pastor’s Wife” category on the sidebar.)  Here’s what I shared in the first three:

  • Figure Out Your Role – passion + gifting = calling
  • Support Your Pastor-Husband – pastors need support too!
  • Work Hard to be Healthy – spiritually, emotionally and physically

Number four is “Get Some Prayer Support”.  One of the blessings of being married to a pastor is that people often come to you with their prayer requests.  I consider it a high honor and privilege that regularly throughout the week people ask me to pray for their needs.  Praying for someone is one of the best ways to serve them!  Through the years, I have prayed for marriages, for financial provision, for health, for strength, for reconciliation, etc. . .   I have seen with my own eyes some pretty amazing answers to prayer, thank You Jesus!

Several years back, I had someone ask me (with all sincerity), “Who prays for you and your family?”  At that point, I didn’t have a very good response.  Sure, I knew that people prayed for us, but I was not being intentional about enlisting a prayer team to pray for our specific needs.  This dear sister gave me a word of admonishment and strongly advised me to get some prayer support.  She had learned what I knew, but hadn’t taken seriously; there is unique spiritual warfare that takes place in the heavenly realms regarding pastors and their families.  The enemy works overtime to dissuade, discourage and defeat those who serve as pastors.  I was putting our family somewhat at risk by not enlisting a team who would cover us in prayer.

Today, if someone were to ask who prays for me and my family, I’d have a better answer.  I have worked hard at being vulnerable and having the humility it takes to ask for prayer.  God has blessed my efforts and I now have a team of family and friends who regularly prays for our family.

Let me offer some suggestions of how you can build a team of prayer support:

  • Godly moms are among the best prayer support you can get because there is nothing quite like a mom’s prayer for her kids.  Does your extended family know enough about what is going on in your life so that they know how to pray for you?
  • A prayer partner is someone you meet with on a regular basis to exchange requests and pray for each other’s needs both while you are meeting together and then throughout the week as well.
  • Find women who have a strong relationship with Christ, are reliable, trustworthy and are led to be a support to you.  Then call upon them as often as needed, especially when you sense that you are under some spiritual attack or have a situation going on (family or ministry related) that requires special wisdom and guidance from the Lord.

There is a degree of risk involved with being vulnerable and humble before others.  You may be misunderstood or misinterpreted.  People will see your weaknesses.  The enemy knows this and that’s why he tries to get us to muddle through life and ministry on our own.  I speak from experience, the reward of having others pray for you far outweigh the risk of vulnerability.

Prayer support gives you strength when you feel like you can’t go on.  It protects you in ways you may never know this side of heaven.  Allowing others to pray for you lets them be a partner in the ministry God is doing through you.  Prayer support gives you peace, hope and joy as you faithfully serve Jesus.  It also gives you wisdom beyond your years and experience.  Prayer covering allows you to be successful in ministry!

So let me ask you, just like I was asked many years ago, who is praying for you and your family?

Your Friend in Ministry,